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Reservation Policy

At Fuji we strongly encourage making reservations for your dining experience, however a reservation is not a guaranteed seating time. It is an order of seating guaranteed at an estimated time based on our normal reservation flow giving your party preference over walk-in customers. Hibachi table side cooking is as unique in the manner of customer flow as it is in the preparation of the meal. The balance of customer promptness, chef availabilty, and table availbilty make it difficult to be exact in the reservation times. Our goal is to meet all reservation times and make your dinner a great experience, but at times circumstances beyond our control make this difficult. If a wait is anticipated Fuji will advise you as soon as possible and give you an estimate of the length of the wait.

To be seated the entire party must be present. If someone is willing to order for the missing member(s), placements will be saved and the party will be seated.

If the entire party is not present and ready to be seated within 15 minutes of the reservation time the order of seating guarantee will lapse. The party will be seated as quickly as possible without delaying guests with reservations who have arrived on time.

Please use this online reservation to reserve your Traditional Hibachi Grill seats 
for 2 persons or more

* Ordering Hibachi entrees is required  
* Due to the limited amount of booth seating we are not able to take online reservations for the Dining Area
* Any reservation should be made the latest by 48 hours before reservation time

Reservation (Hibachi Grill Area Only)
should to be made the latest  by 48 hours before reservation time